Civil Engineering

Language of Teaching
Faculty / School
Instituto Superior de Engenharia
Area of Studies
Engineering and Technologies

The main objective of Civil Engineering degree is to train professionals with a solid technical base in the area of Civil Engineering, in design, execution, and supervision of different construction types (buildings, hydraulics structures, sewage, roads, bridges and special structures), planning and transport.
This initial training course of higher education in civil engineering provides its trainees with knowledge and broad skills necessary for solving common problems in engineering, making use of laboratory techniques and/or physical mathematical models duly supported, fulfilling both the requirements of technical legislation, health and safety at work.
It also allows the learner to continue to study more specialized Masters.
It also aims to educate citizens that in addition to its many technical aspects, contribute to the development of sustained, quality of life, environmental issues, natural resource management and conservation of historical heritage.

The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The graduates in Civil Engineering are able to exercise their profession in the following areas:

  • Direction and supervision of works
  • Project structures and infrastructures
  • Planning
  • Technical and commercial assistance
  • Research and development
  • Exercise of a liberal profession