Welcome to ISE!

The Instituto Superior de Engenharia (Higher Institute of Engineering – ISE), is an organic unit of the polytechnic educational subsystem of the University of Algarve. Its focus is on higher education and applied research in the fields of engineering and technology, namely in the areas of Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Topographic Engineering. It also carries out activities to provide services to the community and to develop technology transfer projects in partnership with the business community.


ISE is a centre for the creation, transfer and dissemination of culture and scientific and technological knowledge, with the specific responsibility of:

  • Teaching polytechnic higher education courses and, through the University of Algarve, award the academic degrees of Bachelor and Master and the diploma of Higher Vocational Technical Course;
  • Providing refresher, improvement, specialisation and specialised training courses, as well as advanced training programmes;
  • Promoting applied research in the fields of knowledge that the Institute comprises;
  • Promoting the transfer of knowledge to the outside world;
  • Promoting lifelong learning;
  • Providing services to the community.






Estatutos do ISE

Higher Institute of Engineering

Campus da Penha, 8005-139 Faro

Telephone: +351 289 800 165