Why study with us?

The University of Algarve’s prime location in proximity to Faro Airport, the quality of its teaching and research and its excellent infrastructures, together with the synergies it establishes with the region, give this university on the periphery a central and international status.

Here, the concept of proximity is widely experienced, without any barriers between all members of the academic community, providing an educational environment in which students and teaching staff work in close collaboration with the aim of adapting the each student’s experience to the learning standards.

It should also be noted that the academy stands out in various international rankings, namely in the areas of Health Sciences and Technologies; Economics, Management and Tourism; Social and Education Sciences and Exact and Natural Sciences.

In the same way that the University of Algarve is unique, each organic unit is also distinguished and differentiated by its uniqueness, by the unmistakable characteristics and potential that make each School, Faculty or Institute an open space of excellence, sharing and welcoming.


Why choose our Institute?

  • The Instituto Superior de Engenharia (Higher Institue of Engineering – ISE), is an organic unit of the polytechnic educational subsystem of the University of Algarve. Its focus is on higher education and applied research in the fields of engineering and technology;
  • We teach courses related to the scientific areas of Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrotechnical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering;
  • We promote lifelong learning through formative continuity from the Higher Vocational Technical Courses, to Bachelor's and Master's Degrees;
  • We help students get into the job market through internships (at regional, national or even international level) and into the development of technology transfer projects, in partnership with the business community;
  • We prepare students to create multiple career possibilities in companies or institutions at regional, national and international level;
  • In response to the requirements and success of current students, we promote the updating of teaching methods and practices to improve the quality of teaching in the area of engineering and technologies.