Food Engineering is a strongly multi- and interdisciplinary scientific-technological area that studies the production, preservation, distribution and commercialisation of high quality food, taking into account the rules of hygiene and safety and respecting the environmental balance. The Food Engineering Course provides a solid formation in Basic Sciences, in Engineering and Technology Sciences and in Complementary Sciences, having in its structure a strong experimental component, allowing students to acquire a vast laboratory experience in the areas of Basic and Specialty Sciences. In the curricular internship, students have the opportunity to contact with the reality in the food industry before going to the work market.

No vacancies for 2024/25  


Food Engineering allows training professionals with:

  • Knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological nature of food and beverages
  • Knowledge of preservation, storage, transport and production methods for industrialised foods
  • Qualifications in chemical, microbiological and sensorial quality control, as well as in the implementation and management of quality and food safety systems
  • Qualifications in the development of innovative foods, packaging and processes
  • Skills to propose changes in production processes and methods for the improvement of food quality, reduction of losses and increased productivity
  • Capacities to propose sustainable strategies: valorisation of by-products, waste treatment, water and energy consumption, and development of environmentally friendly packaging
The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities
  • Food and beverages industries
  • Food analysis laboratories
  • Research, development and education and training teams
  • Teams for planning and execution of food industry projects
  • Consulting and auditing companies
  • Large food and beverages distribution and commercialization networks
  • Inspection bodies
  • Public administration
  • Professional associations
  • Other transformation industries: equipment, packaging, additives, biotechnology, alcohol and feed