Mechanical Engineering

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Instituto Superior de Engenharia
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Engineering and Technologies

The Mechanical Engineering programme is a superior level training with scientific and technical knowledge appropriate for the practice of mechanical engineering functions.
This training consists of a set of "classic" units of Mechanical Engineering, some units in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences and is complemented with a strong practical component in two specializations, envisioning an easy insertion in the labour market by the graduates.


For that purpose, it gathers an assembly of courses directed at the most modern fields (energy and environment in the Thermal Engineering specialization and management/maintenance in the specialization Management and Industrial Maintenance).
Basically, the goals are to provide a solid cultural and technical training at the level of mechanical engineering.

The applications for public higher education are made annually through national call and/or special contests.
Career Opportunities

The graduates in Mechanical Engineering are able to exercise their profession in the following areas:

  • Installations projects of refrigeration, air conditioning, domestic hot water, and renewable energy
  • Conduct industrial installations
  • Study and implementation of thermal equipment
  • Study and implementation of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and of control systems
  • Technical and commercial activities of engineering domain
  • Consultancy in engineering, in particular, in management of energetic resources
  • Teaching and research in technical areas
  • Coordination, study, organization and direction of activities related to the management and maintenance of industrial installations
  • Implementation of analysis technologies, diagnostic and informatics means in conception of integrated systems in management and maintenance
  • Development of maintenance projects to minimize production and maintenance costs
  • Consultancy in engineering to the management and maintenance of industrial areas
  • Activities in the area of new information technologies

"A minha passagem pela UAlg foi uma experiência essencial no meu percurso de desenvolvimento profissional e pessoal. Permitiu-me adquirir bases sólidas em engenharia mecânica e ao mesmo tempo fazer amigos para a vida."

Leonardo Melo

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