Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

If you are an entrepreneur and intend to collaborate with UAlg in research and technology transfer projects, UAlg has a division that facilitates and monitors the creation of research partnerships and the resulting intellectual property management.

Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship is one of the top priorities of the University of Algarve. Managing and valuing the knowledge produced within the academy, and boosting the resulting business relationships, are a reality in a global and competitive world.

In this sense, the University of Algarve assumes a policy of protection of intellectual property, which enhances knowledge and generates value for society and the labor market.

UAlg promotes a policy that privileges the connection between universities and companies, focusing on research, innovation and entrepreneurship as catalysts for the transfer of knowledge, boosting regional competitiveness and economic growth in Portugal.

Your idea, our mission

CRIA - Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer of the University of Algarve, assumes as its main mission the validation and valorization of the knowledge generated in the research centers, study centers and other R&D units (Research and Technological Development), promoting an effective interaction between the University and the business sector, facilitating their transfer to the market. Knowledge transfer and University-Company interaction take on multiple formats, adding, among others, the training of human resources, publications, scientific consultancy, and collaboration projects between entities in the scientific, technological and industrial system.

Main lines of action

  • Support for researchers and the academic community in the economic valuation of patents and utility models, promoting the widespread use of industrial property mechanisms;
  • Promotion of University-Company interaction, based on co-promotion projects, RTD centers, and the provision of scientific services;
  • Support and promotion of research lines with business application, advising the respective legal, commercial and associative framework, protecting the interests of researchers and the University;
  • Support in the development, enhancement and commercialization of new or improved products / services of an innovative nature;
  • Promotion of laboratory services in specialized areas such as technical analysis, laboratory tests and technical and scientific consultancy; 
  • Support in technological licensing processes;
  • Creation and / or integration in cooperation networks, on a regional, national and international scale;
  • Disclosure of lines of financing and support in the preparation of applications for these possible sources of financing.

Telephone: +351 289 800 097

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm