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Allows for a mobility period at the University of Algarve

Foreign students enrolled in a University of Algarve partner university who wish to take part in a mobility/exchange period can apply to attend a semester and/or academic year. They can do this through the Erasmus+ Programme and/or through any applicable General Cooperation Protocol between institutions.

As a general rule, admitted students are exempt from paying tuition fees, except in cases where the General Cooperation Protocol so determines.

However, if you are interested in attending a semester and/or an academic year at UAlg, are no longer eligible under the Erasmus Programme and there no General Cooperation Protocol applies, you can apply to take individual courses as a Free Mover student.


Under the Erasmus + Program / General Cooperation Protocol

Application Phases

  • 1st semester (September - February) / year
    - Nominations until 15 April 
    - Applications until 30 April
  • 2nd semester (February - June)
    - Nominations until 15 October 
    - Applications until 31 October

Application Process

  • Appointment of the University of origin (mandatory)
  • After appointment, the Office of International Relations and Mobility (GRIM) provides the online form to be able to apply. You must select in the INSTITUTION field: University of Algarve

Necessary Documentation

  • Academic Registration Bulletin ( Transcript of Records )
  • Learning Agreement - Erasmus / Learning Agreement - Protocols (see document box below)
  • Identification document (valid)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 1 photo

Under the Erasmus + Program / General Cooperation Protocol

If you are interested in doing an internship at the University of Algarve, you should send an email with the following data:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Workspace
  • Period in which you want to carry out the internship
  • Type of financing program (if applicable)


Subsequently, the internship request will be forwarded by GRIM to the most appropriate Research Center. If approved, you will be contacted again to formalize the application 

If you are a student enrolled in a Portuguese University and / or Polytechnic Institute and wish to take a period of mobility to attend a semester and / or an academic year at UAlg, you can apply through the Almeida Garret and Vasco da Gama Programs, respectively.

Application Phases

  • 1st semester (September - February) / year
    - Nominations until 15 April
    - Applications until 30 April
  • 2nd semester (February - June)
    - Nominations until 15 October 
    - Applications until 31 October

Application Process

  • Appointment of the University of origin (mandatory)
  • After appointment, the International Relations and Mobility Office (GRIM) will contact you to formalize your application

Necessary Documents

  • Identification document (valid)
  • Photography
  • Application form - Almeida Garrett / application form - Vasco da Gama (see document box below)
  • Study contract - Almeida Garrett / Study contract - Vasco da Gama (see document box below)

Useful Information

The academic calendar is organized in two semesters:

  • 1st semester - from September to January
  • 2nd semester - from February to June

Curricular units (subjects) can be semiannual or annual and exams are held at the end of each semester (January and June).

The University of Algarve, through GRIM, organizes a welcoming week at the beginning of each semester ( Orientation Week ), which usually takes place one week before the start of classes. During this period, students will have the opportunity to get to know UAlg and its procedures, the city of Faro, culture and the country, in order to facilitate integration in the Algarve academy.

Grading systems of the institution - P FARO02

Description of the Institution’s grading system:

  • The result achieved in a course unit whether through continuous assessment or in an examination, is generally expressed in a 0 to 20 grading scale.
  • The lowest passing grade is 10.

ECTS credits:

  • 1 full academic year = 60 credits
  • 1 semester = 30 credits
  • 1 trimester = 20 credits
ECTS scale % of the successful students normally achieving the grade Definition
A 10 EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 25 VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors
C 30 GOOD - generally sound work with a number of errors
D 25 SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings
E 10 SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria
FX - FAIL - some work required before the criteria can be awarded
F - FAIL - considerable further work is required

The University of Algarve offers nine university residences, which are distributed by Faro, Gambelas and Portimão, being organized by residential type buildings or apartments, in a total of about 600 beds.

Designed to give students all the necessary conditions for their well-being and located next to the various UAlg c ampi, the residences have rooms with bed linen and towels, equipped kitchen, living / study room, TV and Internet access. All residences have a washing machine for free use by residents.

Places in university residences are very limited and there is no guarantee of availability. However, exchange students can apply for accommodation by completing this option in the online application.

Application phases

  • 1st semester (September - February) / year: until April 15
  • 2nd semester (February - June): up to October 15th

Obs.: Faro is a university city and most mobility / exchange students prefer to look for private accommodation.

On average the cost of a room varies between 200 and 350 Euros.

Information on private accommodation:

If you need to book accommodation during the first days of arrival at UAlg, contact:

You can also contact groups of students who, in collaboration with GRIM, will assist you in welcoming and integrating, namely:

Students who are admitted to do a mobility / exchange period at UAlg, either under the Erasmus + Program and General Cooperation Protocol, or under the National Programs, must present health insurance.

Students can access the National Health Service provided they present any of the following documents:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC )
  • PB4
  • Private health insurance

Note: it is important that the health document is valid for the period of mobility / exchange.

All undergraduate courses (1st cycle) are taught in Portuguese. English is used as the language of instruction in some master's (2nd cycle) and doctoral (3rd cycle) programs. However, since UAlg is a university focused on internationalization, most of its teachers speak English, as well as other languages (for example, Spanish and French), which facilitates communication.

The University of the Algarve offers international students, especially mobility / exchange students, some Portuguese language courses:

Portuguese Foreign Language (PLE) / semester / 5 ECTS: (to be made available soon)

For mobility / exchange students, PLE attendance is free as long as it is part of the study plan ( Learning Agrement ).

Consult more information at

To enter and / or leave Portugal, you must have the following documents:

  • Country of origin identification document
  • Passport (mandatory for citizens residing outside the European Union)

Obs.: The identification document must be valid for the entire stay in Portugal.



For students from countries outside the European Union who wish to complete a mobility period or complete a degree in Portugal, a study visa is required. The visa process takes about 90 days (indicative period) and must be done at a Consulate General of Portugal and / or at Portuguese Embassies in the country of origin ( ).

Students admitted to carry out a mobility period at UAlg will be contacted in advance by GRIM and informed about how they should proceed regarding the visa process.

For more information, contact:


Make sure you have all of the following documents:

  • Learning Agreement duly signed and approved by the home University
  • Letter of acceptance from the University of Algarve
  • Identification document or Passport (valid for the entire period of study)
  • European Health Card, PB4 or Private Health Insurance
  • Study or research visa (if applicable)
  • Proof of official address in the country of origin (if applicable)

In addition to these documents, it is also recommended:

  • Copy of all important documents (in case of loss): passport, diplomas, insurance, etc.
  • International driving license (if applicable) if you stay in Portugal for more than 3 months

Ensure that you have accommodation and financial means of subsistence during the mobility / exchange period.

  • Register with the International Relations and Mobility Office (GRIM)
  • If you have a place in a university residence, you should go to the Social Action Services to register and pay for accommodation
  • Contact the respective Mobility Coordinator
  • Open a bank account (if necessary)
  • If you are a European citizen you must register with the City Council (optional)
  • If you are a non-European citizen, you must apply to SEF for a residence visa
  • Register at the Health Center (if necessary), only after regularizing the situation before the SEF
  • Request the Portuguese tax identification number (TIN) (if necessary)
  • Check if the list of approved subjects corresponds to the subjects in which you were enrolled
  • Check the Learning Agreement and Changes
  • Request the certificate of attendance
  • Return all books to the library and pay any fines that may exist
  • If you have had a place in a university residence, check that you have made all payments
  • If you have opened a bank account, close it
  • Inform the competent authorities about the return to your country ( if necessary )

Fill out the Mobility Satisfaction Questionnaire at the UAlg at the International Relations and Mobility Office.


Student and Researcher’s Guide 2023/2024
Erasmus - Learning Agreement
Protocolos - Learning Agreement
Almeida Garrett - Ficha de candidatura
Almeida Garrett - Contrato de estudos
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