The Masters […] proved to be a great choice to integrate [] previous knowledge []. In addition to a theoretical component, this course promotes an excellent practical component to familiarize students with the techniques/processes in the food sector. Teachers, in addition to seriousness and competence, have always been very willing to help students. ​

Valentina Lunghi​ (Italy), 2017/18

The training received [] allowed me to obtain the necessary tools to respond to the challenges encountered, as well as those necessary to develop new projects. ​

David Espírito Santo (Portugal), ​2008/09

[The] training allows me today to work in an area that I really like. It allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. ​

Vera Drago​ (Portugal), 2016/17

Just like the pleasant weather in Faro, I appreciated the warm welcome from the faculty and other students. I am fortunate enough to study the MSc in Food Technology at UAlg, particularly because of the great course director, additionally, the dedication and constant availability of the lecturers is absolutely amazing. There's a lot more collaboration within the classes, and that's led to me meeting a lot of really interesting people from a lot of different places. Having these interactions with people all over the world, I think will help me greatly in my future, in terms of pursuing a career in an international environment. The multiple practical sessions provided hands-on experience to the students. Unfortunately, I could not benefit fully from these sessions due to the measures taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic that occurred halfway through the second semester. The transition from presential to online lectures was smooth and well organized by the university staff, this allowed me to successfully complete the academic year. I could always count on the outstanding support from lecturers that were available for various discussions. Huge respect, love and consideration for all the members of the department of food engineering and the lecturers of the MSc in Food Technology. 

Rose Daphnee Tchonkouang (Cameroon), 2019/20

Very happy and proud to have chosen the Master in Food Technology [to] continue my studies. During this 1st year, I have developed scientific skills and gained a new rich perspective on the Food Technology field, which allowed me to develop my professional and personal skills, in order to give me the opportunity to get a internship in one of the largest company in the frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit sector in Belgium. You can always count with [teachers] support to clarify doubts, exchange ideas, and thus improve your knowledge. In addition, the Master has allowed me a unique cultural experience, since I have colleagues from all over the world, Nepal, Brazil, Iran, Slovenia, Italy, from various African countries and Portuguese colleagues as well, which makes a multicultural environment very cool. ​

Angel Arocha (Venezuela), 2019/20

Master in Food Technology came as a huge contribution to my professional life. [During the Masters] I always counted with the support, guidance and professionalism, from the teachers and staff at the DEA, dedicated to students and the department. I had the privilege to participate in a research project and, thus, develop my dissertation work. [Moreover,] I had the opportunity to represent UAlg as member of the Real Tuna Infantina*. ​

Daniela Silva (Portugal), 2017/18

The Master in Food Technology far exceeded my expectations, whether due to the innovation of programs addressed, either for their applicability. This master's degree allowed me to develop my academic and scientific skills [in] a range of practical and theoretical classes [with] the support from the entire faculty and laboratory technicians [that were] fundamental for a better understanding of the topics taught. ​

Andreia Quintino​ and Daniela Pereira (Portugal), 2018/19

My testimony as a student will naturally be very different because I propose to take the Masters degree 20 year after completing the bachelor’s degree. A large set of factors led me to make that decision, namely the internationalization of the course, the topic is also appealing as it was time to learn more professionally. 
I always set out to change paradigms, but I guarantee that without the training acquired either in this Master degree or at the institution, I would never have the competence to do so in a scientific, systematic and methodical way. ​

Eduardo Peixinho Reis​ (Portugal), 2019/20

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