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The University of Algarve Academic Association’s (AAUAlg) main purpose is to representat and defend the interests of the students of the University of Algarve. Alongside this experience of association activities, we offer you the unique opportunity to live a centuries-old tradition: to join one of UAlg's student music groups known as tunas and perpetuate the academic spirit.


The Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg) was created on 1st October 1997.

Of national notoriety and an increasingly active participation in the country's associative movement, AAUAlg has been improving its structure, spaces and services in order to make the best study and working conditions available to students and the entire academic community.

The areas in which the Association operates are essentially Pedagogy and Educational Policy; Social Action and Solidarity; Employability, Entrepreneurship and Professional Opportunities; Communication and Marketing; Student Organisations (nuclei and autonomous sections); Sport; Academic Culture and Tradition; Events.

Of note, are some important events for students, which the Academic Association also organises, such as Academic Week, the Undergraduate Welcome events and Academic Festivities.  

The various bodies are made up of students, elected annually, who work with the student body in a variety of ways.


Services Provided



AAUALG currently manages 2 restaurant spaces.
Serving hot and complete meals and a cafeteria service:
- Higher Institute of Engineering Bar-restaurant, Penha Campus;
- Wooden Pavilions Bar-restaurant, Gambelas Campus



Two shops/copy centres are located on the Penha and Gambelas campuses, allowing for information to be shared between teachers and students, as well as to print work from home.
In shops/copy centres it is also possible to purchase badges, course ribbons, final-year student folders, pins, cans for the ribbons, t-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts, among other items.


Sports Office

In promoting an active and healthy life, the Sports Office organises an annual programme of physical and sports activities called “Do Sports”, for the entire academic community. This programme is based on 4 different areas, internal competition (Rector trophies), external competition (competitions within the scope of the Academic Federation of University Sports), group classes and events.

Regarding internal competition, the Rector Trophies are held in 11-a-side Football, Futsal, 7-a-side Football, Karting and Table Tennis.

To participate in FADU competitions, the office promotes the collective modalities of Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Futsal, Handball and Rugby.

With regard to events, the highlights are the Campus on Holiday event, for children aged six to twelve (Easter and Summer), and the sports events of the UAlg Summer Courses, in addition to several FADU events.

There is also the possibility of participating in group classes and trying out Zumba, Fitness Lunch, Tai Chi / Chi Kung, Pilates and even water sports like Surfing and Bodyboarding, among others. 

More information on the official AAUAlg page at 


Tuna Groups

Alongside this experience of association activities, we offer you the unique opportunity to live a centuries-old tradition: to join one of UAlg's student music groups known as tunas and perpetuate the academic spirit. At your choice you have the Versus Tuna - Academic Tuna from the University of Algarve, Feminis Ferventis - Female Academic Tuna from the University of Algarve, Real Tuna Infantina - Mixed Academic Tuna from the University of Algarve, Tunabebes - Academic Tuna from the Portimão Campus and a Enfartuna - Nursing Tuna from the University of Algarve.

In a night between glasses and conversation, as all tunas are born, three renowned members of this academy launch the idea of the foundation of an academic tuna: José Artur Melo, Rogério Alexandre Simões Leal and João Carlos Rocha Catarino. They were joined by an honorable group of colleagues, thus meeting the conditions for the formation of the Versus Tuna - Academic Tuna of the University of Algarve.

On the night of November 28th to 29th, 1991, as a rehearsal, there was a serenade that turned out to be Tuna's first public appearance, even without the existence of a respective costume. The official presentation of Versus Tuna takes place on May 7, 1992, the day that marks for posterity the use of the first academic attire from the University of Algarve.

In 1999 he organized the I Fartuna - Iberian Festival of Academic Tunas. In 2000, during the second edition, this time under the name of Festival of Academic Tunas in the City of Faro, he edited a CD with the participation of the various tunas present in this edition. During the year of 2012 framed in the celebrations of its 20th anniversary it edits a DVD of the XIV Fartuna. This festival is organized annually and is now in its fifteenth edition.

For 20 years, many bohemians and troubadours proudly wore the University of Algarve's attire, following the tuna in different parts of the country and beyond borders.

Essay:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9:30 pm, in the garages of the Pedagogical Complex of Campus da Penha.

Contacts: Email:




Feminis Ferventis - Tuna Académica Feminina at the University of Algarve was founded on December 10, 1992, by a group of girls from various schools and colleges at the University of Algarve who wanted to fill a gap in the academic environment.


Its first performance took place, however, on March 24, 1993, on the occasion of Student Day, in the now defunct Tasca do Estudante, in Faro, serving as a motto every year for the celebrations of the Anniversary of Tuna. From then on, until today, Feminis Ferventis never stopped. They sing and enchant those who want to see and hear them, in different parts of mainland Portugal and Islands, always with the same joy and desire to animate and transmit the spirit that characterizes the people of the Algarve. Wearing the standard attire of the University of Algarve, early on they adopted a garment that only characterizes us, distinguishing them from all other students, the cullotes they wear under their skirts. Among them they are distinguished by the color of the ribbon of the cullotes, being the white ribbon used by Projeto a Caloiras, blue by the Caloiras and orange, color of Feminis Ferventis, used by the many noble Tunantes of this Tuna.  

Until the recording of the first CD - Feminis Ferventis -, in 1997, it was a skip, followed by the second, Encantos, in 2001. Both are characterized by the mostly original and traditional Portuguese repertoire, a tradition that this Tuna likes to keep.  In 2003, a dream came true: Feminis Ferventis organized the I Moura Encantada - Festival of Female Tunas in the Algarve. He quickly became “the boy of our eyes” and, in 2010, Moura Encantada took a new stage: the Teatro das Figuras. In 2012, the X Moura Encantada was held.  On December 18, 2010, Feminis Ferventis took another important step in its history as Tuna. This was the date of her Brotherhood with TUFES - Tuna Feminina Scalabitana from ESE de Santarém, as a result of the good relations and great friendship between the two tunas.  Having already traveled Portugal from North to South, in the most diverse areas (always accompanied by her beloved Asunción, our usual scepter and oldest Tunante of this Tuna), Feminis Ferventis continues today to sing and enchant with the same claw and willingness with which he did it twenty years ago. 

"May the music throb in your hearts and show in a wide smile." Feminis Ferventis 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 8 pm to 10 pm, at the Pedagogical Complex of Campus da Penha.




"Let the student sing, music and cape in hand!"

The Real Tertúlia Infantina, the group's original name, was founded on 15 May 1995. At the time, Jorge Lamy Leal, Pedro Vieira and José Sousa joined forces to obtain an initial formation that would guarantee the start of Infantina, whose name came about as a tribute to Prince Henry the Navigator, a figure at the centre of academic expression in the Algarve. In December 1997, the Real Tertúlia Infantina was renamed Real Tuna Infantina, as we know it today.

Made up of students and former students, its aim is to cultivate the academic spirit and contribute to the development of the institution by actively participating in its activities. Driven by the pride of belonging to the University of the Algarve, they travel the various corners of the country representing it and raising its good name.

Like other tunas, it has its own internal structure, based on a well-defined hierarchy, made up of two large groups: Infantes and Caloiros. Among the freshmen there are only nominal distinctions for merit within the tuna, and they have the same rights and duties in the hierarchy.

In March 2003, a sponsorship ritual was celebrated with VicenTuna, the Mixed Tuna of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, thus narrowing the path between Faro and Lisbon and creating strong lasting relationships over the generations.


  • Mondays, from 8pm, in the José Silvestre Amphitheatre of the Institute of Engineering, Penha Campus
  • Wednesdays, from 8 pm, in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Economics at the Gambelas Campus

Instagram: @realtunainfantina


It all started with a small group of friends who liked to sing the academic life, it was the 95/96 school year.

They then remembered to form a Tuna with the name “Handa ká prá ki” - Tuna Académica de Portimão, but due to the lack of instrumentalists the project did not succeed. As the desire to create a Tuna was too strong, courage never abandoned the students of the then Pole of Portimão who, once again in 96/97, formed a Tuna called “Portunis Cantantis”, but fado was repeated and the project, again failed. The academic year 97/98 took place when will and courage were combined with instrumental knowledge, thus overcoming the sad fate of previous years. Finally Tuna avenges with the name "Polis Portuna" and it can be said that this was the year of affirmation of a group of friends like Tuna.

In the following year, 98/99, the lack of agreement in relation to the name of the same, leads once again to its change, becoming definitively the TunaBebes - Tuna Académica of the Campus of Portimão. Since then, TunaBebes has done everything in its power to bring and elevate the good name of the University of the Algarve and the traditions of this rich Algarve Region. At the Portimão Campus itself, TunaBebes has a fundamental role, as it acts in symbiosis with the Academic Association and with the Pedagogical Center of Portimão, as a way of “forgetting the size of the Campus”. The “size” problem is an issue that concerns TunaBebes. Since just over one hundred students enter a year, there is much less chance of entering someone with musical knowledge, so they are betting on the musical training of their Tunantes, in order to meet their needs.

The attempt to always do better in qualitative terms, to spread the academic spirit and the relations between tunantes, never failing to exalt this noble region is the main objective.



The Enfartuna - Nursing Tuna of the University of Algarve appeared on June 14, 2011, the result of the will and effort of some Nursing students, music lovers, as a way to overcome the absence of a Nursing Tuna in our very noble University .

It is with special pride that since then they have worked hard to develop themselves as a tuna and to remain united, because when Enfartuna was formed, only a minority of elements played instruments. Nowadays and after a great effort, practically all the elements have learned to play in favor of a greater instrumental diversity. They strive to fulfill the greatest purpose: to take the good name of the University of Algarve and Nursing around the world, spreading the academic spirit, good music, joy and bohemian life, of course!

Mondays and Thursdays, at 6:30 pm, in the auditorium of the Escola Superior de Saúde (ESSUAlg).









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